Ecosystem Plays

Luzon International Premiere Airport Development Corporation

“2022 was a big year for LIPAD as we have finally opened Clark International Airport’s newest building to the public. We are happy to offer this world-class facility to local and foreign travelers and are honored to operate an international gateway that Filipinos can be proud of. We hope passengers will take advantage of these opportunities and enjoy a hassle-free experience at Clark International Airport.”

Noel Manankil

President and CEO

Opening of The New Terminal Building

All international and domestic flights from Clark International Airport (CRK) were transferred to the new terminal effective May 2, 2022. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities and superior accessibility, the new passenger terminal building opened its doors to welcome both domestic and international travelers. With an annual capacity of 8 million passengers, the new terminal provides space and breathing room for travelers to move with ease.

The President’s Inauguration of The New Terminal Building

Last September 28, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. officially opened CRK’s new passenger terminal building. He unveiled a marker at the airport that signifies a milestone in Philippine Air Travel and Central and Northern Luzon connectivity. In his message, the President mentioned that the terminal’s grand opening is a significant event for the following reasons: first, it shows how to leverage the government’s assets, and second, how to leverage partnerships with the private sector.

“This is a perfect example of what the government and private sector can do. This is exactly the kind of partnership that we need to encourage,” said President Marcos.

Overall Traffic Improvement

In 2022, CRK has achieved a 19% passenger count based on pre-COVID levels and 299% in growth versus 2021. The main contributors are the resumption of South Korean flights which are now at around 36% from pre-pandemic levels, with Busan flights operating at more than 100%, and a new link coming from Yangyang City.

The primary driver for domestic travel is the resumption of flights to and from Caticlan.

JG Digital Equity Ventures

“In 2022, JGDEV was once again faced with a challenging investment environment, driven by unprecedented macroeconomic shocks coupled with a global tech slowdown. As such, the fund made a conscious decision to be more cautious in deployment. We focused on companies that we believe have the strongest potential for post-pandemic growth while doubling down on early portfolio winners.

With the launch of our second fund, we believe that JGDEV remains well positioned to drive long-term returns while we continue to help the Group with its digital transformation.”

Lance Y. Gokongwei

Chairman and President

Full deployment of DEV Fund I

DEV Fund I is now effectively fully deployed, with the fund making two initial investments and eight follow-on investments during the year. The investments made in 2022 were in Locad, a cloud logistics platform with an international network, and Wavemaker Impact, an ESG-focused incubator for Southeast Asian startups.

Fund I’s portfolio is composed of 13 companies, covering
e-commerce, logistics, fintech, and enterprise solutions.

Know more about the different startups that JGDEV invested in here.

Rigorous screening continued for new investments

Deal flow and assessments have continued to accelerate, growing over 70% in 2022. However, we note that the rate of opportunities that pass JGDEV’s assessment has declined given our tighter investment criteria, factoring in challenging market conditions.

In terms of sustainability, JGDEV invested in Wavemaker Impact, a climate tech venture builder in Southeast Asia. Wavemaker Impact co-funds sustainability-focused businesses by targeting the largest sources of carbon emissions in the region.

In the future, we anticipate that Wavemaker Impact’s ventures may be able to help various Group units achieve their ESG objectives.

Data Analytics Ventures, Inc.

“In 2022, we grew our membership base by 40% by building a better Go Rewards app experience to drive engagement and increase our customer and partner satisfaction. We also focused on optimizing the performance of our core product data and Member Precision Marketing.
As a result, our partners have continued to develop record-setting investments, confirming their commitment and confidence in our vision and trajectory.”

Cindy Deng

Chief Executive Officer

Landmark Research Solutions to Aid Retail Partners

For the first time, DAVI published landmark data-driven research solutions that mine and harness millions of shopper transaction data through the use of machine learning technology. In partnership with URC CMI, our team of Data Analysts & Scientists comprehensively studied and analyzed millions of Go Rewards members' transactions.

We utilized this data to improve our brand and our retail partner’s customer engagement, in turn, growing our revenue by aligning with the natural purchase behaviors of Supermarket shoppers.

Go Rewards LifePrime Card for Senior Shoppers

The new Go Rewards LifePrime Card was launched so our senior shoppers can maximize their benefits. The LifePrime Card allows them to avail of their senior citizen’s discount, at the same time, earn and use their Go Rewards points, with just one card.

This eliminates the need to present two cards upon check-out, reducing the processing time for our store cashiers, and ultimately creating a more seamless shopping experience for senior citizens.

Revamping the Go Rewards Mobile App

The agile improvement of the Go Rewards Mobile App focused on building a better member experience by creating cross-selling and new partner journeys, to grow member engagement, customer, and partner satisfaction.

The goal of this project was to shape core product features and capabilities, deliver value to our Go Rewards users and partners, and build strong, relevant, and beneficial solutions for our wide and varied user segments.

With this, Go Rewards became the highest-rated app in the Apple store’s local category, amounting to 500,000 active monthly users.

DHL Summit Solutions, Inc.

“DHL Summit Solutions Inc. (DSSI) delivered a banner year in 2022. Under the “new normal” environment, the two key clients of DSSI - URC and Robinsons Supermarket (RSC) - demonstrated exceptional market growth, and the need for a responsive and reliable partner that offers a robust logistics solution in transportation became a key driver in the success of these two companies.

DSSI provided such responsiveness and agility despite global challenges related to the highly volatile economic conditions that drove fuel prices to unprecedented heights. Despite this, DSSI supported customer growth, retained most of its vendor partners, increased employee engagement, and created a buzz in the industry with its class-leading technology and innovation unparalleled in the transport sector.

These are the pillars upon which DSSI will continue to blaze forward in 2023, and in the years to come, solidifying its place in the logistics sector as the best-in-class transport solutions provider to all domestic and international companies in the Philippines.”

Joseph Nathaniel (Jojit) Aguilar

Country Managing Director

Strong Partner in Delivering Growth to Customers

With the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions in the middle of 2022, DSSI has been able to successfully deliver consistent transport service performance, supporting URC’s month-after-month record-breaking revenue. DSSI’s collaboration with URC paved the way for an effective OND strategy, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted delivery during peak months.

The Robinsons Supermarket Tunasan (formerly Rustans) Distribution Center’s (DC) transport operations have been successfully transitioned to DSSI in February 2022, completing the onboarding of all RRHI’s supermarket segment DCs in Luzon.

The Robinsons Supermarket team can now utilize DSSI’s consistent and outstanding transport service performance. This partnership has provided them access to leading technology, improved visibility with a milestone notification, and an ETA forecast, brought by DSSI’s Connected Control Tower.

Expansion Outside of JG Summit

In 2023, DSSI is positioned to onboard additional businesses within URC, as well as expand to customers outside of the JG Summit Group. DSSI will provide the best-in-class transportation services and distribution solutions with the industry-leading digital capabilities that it offers.

In the next five years, DSSI will continue to increase its presence and credibility in the Philippine transportation landscape. Leveraged by its Connected Control Tower capabilities, DSSI will increase its service from Luzon transportation to include inter-island containerized movement, by partnering with major shipping lines.