Leadership and People Development

Advancement Planning

  • We have adopted the Talent-to-Value approach of McKinsey where we identify critical roles that will deliver JG Summit’s objectives, goals, strategies, and measures (OGSM). By focusing on the critical roles, we have better visibility on the required skills to realize our OGSM, objectively assess the job fit for the role, and identify the right successors with a more deliberate career path.
  • In 2022, we have identified 537 critical roles across the group and 63% of these have known successors. This ensures that we have a steady pipeline of future leaders and compels us to exact the value associated with these critical roles. This will ultimately enable us to focus resources given the clear linkage between these roles and overall business results.

Competency Workshops

  • The JGSHI Competency Workshop illustrated how the competency framework supports our team members’ career journeys by helping them better understand how essential each competency type (Core, Leadership, and Functional) is to the success of their careers.
  • For the 2022 workshops, around 75 people leaders were enabled in using competency-based HR systems in their varying leadership facets (recruitment, performance appraisal, learning and development initiatives, employee movements, etc.). This facilitates the adoption of a holistic, competency-based career development plan for all team members.

LinkedIn Learnings

  • The LIL program aims to provide a curation of relevant online learning content related to the JGSHI competencies. In 2022, we saw, among others, a significant improvement in the average number of hours spent by CCU learners per month.

The following programs were introduced to increase traction:

Tapping of HRs/Curators of the Corporate Center Units (CCUs)

Release of CCU and Individual Leaderboards

Awarding of Learner Badges

Integration of E-Learning Materials for Compliance Programs

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