Gokongwei Brothers Foundation

Gokongwei Brothers Foundation 30th Anniversary: Walang Imposible

The Year at a Glance

Embarking on its third decade in 2022, the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation reaffirmed its founding purpose of building the future through education by declaring a central focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) educators in the years to come.

On its 30th anniversary celebration, GBF honored educators as heroes of change who play a crucial role in nurturing Filipino learners, our future leaders, and the workforce.

The year also marked GBF's second year into a five-year roadmap to achieve the ambition of taking part in the learning journey of 10,000 educators and one million learners by 2025. More than half of the goal had already been reached in 2022.

GBF's five-year plan is driven by the following strategic imperatives in service of Filipino learners and educators:

Elevate educators’ professional development

Increase the underprivileged sector’s access to quality education

Create quality content that is accessible to educators and learners

Support the growth of STEM and digitally-enabled learners and professionals

By The Numbers


2,191 lifetime scholars

1,202 lifetime graduates

Educator Programs

7,074 educators in teacher communities

1,773 teachers trained

Juan Community for Education

10,089 students and teachers served

106 schools served

Juan Community for Resilience

75,800 individuals in 339 communities served

2022 Milestones

2022 Total Scholars on Board: 775


GBF continues to be the biggest private sector provider of STEM-related scholarships in the Philippines. In 2022, GBF welcomed 374 new scholars, reaching a total of 2,191 scholars supported since 2016.

Learners: STEM

STEM Scholarship for Excellence (2011)

In partnership with the group’s business units, this scholarship is given to underprivileged and deserving STEM college students from centers of excellence.

259 scholars

STEM Agri (SHS and College) (2020)

This senior high school and college scholarship is granted to children of sugar cane planter farmers who are partners of URC-SURE in Negros.

18 scholars

Young Scientist Award Scholarship (2019)

This STEM college scholarship is granted to outstanding finalists of Philippine-based STEM and innovation competitions.

26 scholars

Learners: Scholarships with Affiliates and Partners

Next Gen Scholarship for Excellence (2010)

This college scholarship is extended to group’s employees' children and siblings who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential.

117 scholars

DLSU Gokongwei College of Engineering Grant (2012)

This scholarship program is for outstanding students taking any undergraduate degree program at DLSU Gokongwei College of Engineering. Scholars are supported from first year until graduation.

8 scholars

Ateneo John L. Gokongwei Scholarship (2006)

This merit and need-based scholarship grant is for students of the Ateneo John Gokongwei School of Management. Scholars are supported from first year until graduation.

8 scholars

Go Family Association College Scholarship (2019)

This merit and need-based college scholarship is for members of the Go family.

10 scholars

Learners: High School

St. Stephen High School Scholarship (2012)

This merit and need-based scholarship grant is for students enrolled in the Chinese high school. Scholars are supported from Grade 7 to 12.

10 scholars

Xavier-Zuloaga Scholarship Fund (2020)

This merit and need-based grant is awarded to select students of Xavier High School.

5 scholars

Educators: Scholarships

TeachSTEM College Scholarship (2018)

This scholarship program for undergraduate education students supports aspiring STEM teachers who will later serve in public schools.

150 scholars

TeachSTEM Masters Scholarship (2019)

This scholarship program is granted to public school teachers and college instructors who aspire to become educational leaders to strengthen STEM.

108 scholars

Learners: Scholarships with Affiliates and Partners

Iskolar ni Juan Technical-Vocational Scholarship Program (2014)

This scholarship program grants underprivileged SHS graduates with fully-subsidized one-year tech-voc training at the GBF Technical Training Center. Qualified scholars are then offered employment at URC.

56 scholars

Scholar Development

GBF prepares its scholars to become future industry champions, community leaders, and education advocates through enrichment programs incorporated in their scholarship journey. After recruitment, milestones in the GBF scholar journey include leadership development, upskilling to career preparation, employment, and contributing their expertise as GBF alumni.

Juan to Serve

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Juan Community for Education

GBF strives to contribute to building the nation, one community at a time, through strong and sustainable STEM education programs. In its second year, Juan Community for Education continued to respond to stakeholders' expressed need for the following:

Complete modules, books, printing equipment, devices, and internet access

Reading and critical thinking skills, digital adeptness, and independent learning

Someone at home to guide student learning

Expert and agile teachers

Ways to assess learning

Infrastructure and equipment 

Juan Kapatid Tutorial

Exploring ways to close the gap in literacy and numeracy and to mobilize teachers and parents to support learning, GBF piloted the Juan Kapatid Tutorial Program in Simlong Elementary School in Batangas City in 2021. Rolled out in partnership with JG Summit Olefins Corporation, AHA Learning Center, and Huawei, the program employs the “teaching at the right level” approach.

In 2022, the eight-month Juan Kapatid pilot run that engaged 43 learners or “JK achievers” returned the following results:

100% of achievers gained more math competencies after 32 classes

100% of non-readers in the cohort became readers after 32 classes

85% of achievers expressed that they gained more confidence in doing their lessons

90% of achievers' parents said they learned a skill they can apply to help manage themselves better

Juan Brigada Eskwela

GBF continued to support learners and educators through providing their basic needs in school.

In 2022, Juan Brigada Eskwela efforts were supported by True Value and Huawei.


Students and Teachers supported


Schools supported

Juan Community for Resilience

GBF responds to local communities' needs to bounce back after crises. In 2022, GBF provided assistance to over 75,800 individuals and families in 339 communities hit by calamities, including Typhoon Odette, Karding, and Paeng.

Shang Properties, Kerry Group Philippines Foundation, and Gawad Kalinga were GBF's major partners in carrying out relief efforts in 2022.

75,800 individuals in 339 communities reached

836 farmers and fisherfolk helped with productivity packages

2,319 shelters in 68 communities rehabilitated

52,911 relief packs distributed in 229 communities

2 schools repaired

Educators Development Programs

Believing in the power of collective effort in growing STEM champions, GBF strengthened its efforts in building communities of teachers by providing them with social learning, capacity building, and networking opportunities.

STEM Collab

In 2022, GBF launched STEM Collab, an engaged community of STEM teachers. It is also a capacity-building program that provides free and bite-sized learning sessions streamed on the GBF Facebook Page. STEM Collab is a fast-growing community of educators on Facebook.

STEM Collab by the numbers in 2022


Total Members


Total Webinar Views


Total Webinars Conducted


Total Resource Downloads

KaSaMa Teachers Community

GBF's third year in partnership with the University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Development (UP NISMED) for its KaSaMa (Ka-Science at Ka-Math) Teachers Community in 2022 showed the growing demand for quality content and training amongst K-12 teachers.

The online professional community saw significant increases in webinar viewership, member sign-ups and resource downloads from its website, a one-stop hub for communication, collaboration, and learning and development.

KaSaMa Teachers Community by the numbers in 2022


Total Members


Total Webinars Conducted


Total Webinars Conducted

Project Future: Educators Flagship Program

A major thrust of GBF for STEM educators is the establishment of an innovative, scalable and high-impact professional development program that would have a tangible impact on learners, dubbed as Project Future.

GBF engaged IDEO, a global pioneer in design thinking, to conduct the process of designing the program’s blueprint.

In 2022, GBF and IDEO ideated potential solutions to the pain points identified by education stakeholders. GBF and IDEO tested in four public schools the prototype of a web-based class builder tool for STEM educators. The tool is a class builder platform for STEM Educators that develops and strengthens teacher competencies while creating great lessons easily.

STEM Excellence Advocacy

GBF Young Scientist Award

GBF YSA is a recognition given to outstanding finalists of prestigious Philippine-based STEM and innovation competitions aiming to promote greater interest in innovation and the sciences among young Filipino learners. The award includes a STEM college scholarship grant.

In 2022, GBF partnered with the Department of Science and Technology Science Education Institute on their 5th cycle of “imake.wemake: create. innovate. collaborate.” competition. STEM college scholarships were awarded to three students from among the winning teams.

As part of its advocacy for excellence in STEM, GBF also supported DepEd’s National Science and Technology Fair by providing technology support and cash and in-kind prizes to the three winning teams and schools of their video competition.


In line with its thrust of strengthening centers of excellence and development, GBF continues to support tertiary education institutions to help elevate the quality of STEM education.

Over the years, GBF has provided endowments to leading education institutions: the De La Salle University Gokongwei College of Engineering (2011), the Ateneo de Manila University John Gokongwei School of Management (2002), and the Ateneo Gokongwei Brothers School of Education and Learning Design (2021).

Outlook for 2023 and Beyond

In 2023, GBF projects that it remains on track of its five-year roadmap. GBF continues to craft innovative programs in service of the Filipino learners and educators.

2023 Plans and Targets


scholars on board


scholars supported through Juan to Serve leadership development program and PWR Up upskilling program


educators in the STEM Collab Community


learners supported through the Juan Kapatid Tutorials

Continued promotion of STEM excellence advocacy through partnerships with reputable institutions and recognition of top STEM students

Beta phase launch of Project Future